The most natural, undetectable methods of application.

If you're looking for quality Hair Extensions at an affordable price, then you've come to the right place. Our hair comes in straight or wavy textures! It can be dyed, washed, straightened and curled.

We also offer an extensive range of colours from Platnium Blondes to Chestnut Browns and even Funky Reds which will enable you to create a perfect match or a new and exciting look.

Experience silky, soft tangle free hair for longer - ONLY AT THE HAIR LOUNGE

Prices vary and require a consultation before booking an appointment, all consultations are free and include an in depth explanation of each method, a colour match and a price will be tailored to you.  After your extensions are fitted you will receive an aftercare advice plan to take home to ensure you are able to care for your hair and keep it looking its best!

Methods we offer:

Sew in weave

Micro ring weft 

Tape weft

LA weave

Micro ring

Nano ring

Mini tubes/Tiny Tips

Easy shrinks/Shrink Links

Fusion/Keratin bonding/flat tips

  • Removal starts from £35
  • Hair extension re-tipping £25 per 100 strands
  • Please ask to speak to Georgia to book a consultation!
Please note that maintenance is important with hair extensions. Georgia will provide you with an aftercare leaflet to help you keep your extensions looking their best, following the aftercare will avoid damage to your hair.  It is advised to return for maintenance between 6-8 weeks after application of the extensions and this is charged at a £25 per hour rate.  Returning after this time frame will increase the charge to £40 per hour as the work involved increases, matting and damage can occur as a result of this. 
We only book hair extension appointments with non refundable deposits for all fitting and maintenance, all deposits are taken off of the final bill.  cancellation of less than 48 hours of appointment or failure to turn up will result in loss of the deposit.  
This applies to all new and existing customers
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